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Sessional Hoppy Amber Ale 1.1 v1SRM 10 coloured beer glass

BJCP StyleAmerican Amber Ale - 10B
TypeAll Grain
ProfileAroma: Low to moderate hop aroma from dry hopping or late kettle additions of American hop varieties. A citrusy hop character is common, but not required. Moderately low to moderately high maltiness balances and sometimes masks the hop presentation, and usually shows a moderate caramel character. Esters vary from moderate to none. No diacetyl.

Appearance: Amber to coppery brown in color. Moderately large off-white head with good retention. Generally quite clear, although dry-hopped versions may be slightly hazy.

Flavor: Moderate to high hop flavor from American hop varieties, which often but not always has a citrusy quality. Malt flavors are moderate to strong, and usually show an initial malty sweetness followed by a moderate caramel flavor (and sometimes other character malts in lesser amounts). Malt and hop bitterness are usually balanced and mutually supportive. Fruity esters can be moderate to none. Caramel sweetness and hop flavor/bitterness can linger somewhat into the medium to full finish. No diacetyl.

Mouthfeel: Medium to medium-full body. Carbonation moderate to high. Overall smooth finish without astringency often associated with high hopping rates. Stronger versions may have a slight alcohol warmth.
Batch Size12.0 L
Mash66.0° for 75.0 min
Boil Time60.0 min
Efficiency78.0 %
IBU32.9 IBUs
OG1.034 SG (Est. 1.038 SG)
FG1.010 SG (Est. 1.008 SG)
ABV3.1 % (Est. 4.0 %)
Std drinks0.8 per 330ml stubby
1.8 per 750ml longneck
0.7 per middy
1 per schooner

FermentablesGrain icon

NameAmountColour% of Grain
Pale Malt, Traditional Ale (Joe White)1.50 kg5.9 EBC75 %
Crystal, Light (Simpsons)0.40 kg104.0 EBC20 %
Gladfield Sour Grapes Malt0.10 kg4.0 EBC5 %
Total grain bill2 kg--

HopsHops icon

East Kent Goldings (EKG)30.00 g60.0 minsBoil3.5%
Amarillo15.00 g6 daysDry Hop6.0%
Centennial15.00 g6 daysDry Hop4.0%
Total hops60.00 g---

MiscMiscellaneous icon

Whirlfloc Tablet0.50 Items10.0 minsBoilFining

YeastYeast icon

US-05 - Safale AmericanDCL/FermentisAle76.5 %15.0 C - 23.9 C

NotesNotes icon

21/03/20 Brew day
22/03/20 Pitched yeast @ 16deg
28/03/20 Dry hopped (6 days)
01/04/20 Bottled, 1tsp sugar
-11x 750ml Longecks
-1x 33ml stubbie