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Isaac Newtowner v1SRM 6 coloured beer glass

BJCP StyleAustralian Sparkling Ale - 12B
TypeAll Grain
ProfileAroma: Fairly soft, clean aroma with a balanced mix of esters, hops, malt, and yeast – all moderate to low in intensity. The esters are frequently pears and apples, possibly with a very light touch of banana (optional). The hops are earthy, herbaceous, or might show the characteristic iron-like Pride of Ringwood nose. The malt can range from neutral grainy to moderately sweet to lightly bready; no caramel should be evident. Very fresh examples can have a lightly yeasty, sulfury nose. Appearance: Deep yellow to light amber in color, often medium gold. Tall, frothy, persistent white head with tiny bubbles. Noticeable effervescence due to high carbonation. Brilliant clarity if decanted, but typically poured with yeast to have a cloudy appearance. Not typically cloudy unless yeast roused during the pour. Flavor: Medium to low rounded, grainy to bready malt flavor, initially mild to malty-sweet but a medium to medium-high bitterness rises mid-palate to balance the malt. Caramel flavors typically absent. Highly attenuated, giving a dry finish with lingering bitterness, although the body gives an impression of fullness. Medium to medium-high hop flavor, somewhat earthy and possibly herbal, resinous, peppery, or iron-like but not floral, lasting into aftertaste. Medium-high to medium-low esters, often pears and apples. Banana is optional, but should never dominate. May be lightly minerally or sulfury, especially if yeast is present. Should not be bland. Mouthfeel: High to very high carbonation, giving mouth-filling bubbles and a crisp, spritzy carbonic bite. Medium to medium-full body, tending to the higher side if poured with yeast. Smooth but gassy. Stronger versions may have a light alcohol warmth, but lower alcohol versions will not. Very well-attenuated; should not have any residual sweetness. Comments: Coopers has been making their flagship Sparkling Ale since 1862, although the formulation has changed over the years. Presently the beer will have brilliant clarity if decanted, but publicans often pour most of the beer into a glass then swirl the bottle and dump in all the yeast. In some bars, the bottle is rolled along the bar! When served on draught, the brewery instructs publicans to invert the keg to rouse the yeast. A cloudy appearance for the style seems to be a modern consumer preference. Always naturally carbonated, even in the keg. A present-use ale, best enjoyed fresh.
Batch Size12.0 L
Mash66.7° for 60.0 min
Boil Time60.0 min
Efficiency78.0 %
IBU23.2 IBUs
OG1.037 SG (Est. 1.037 SG)
FG1.008 SG (Est. 1.008 SG)
ABV3.8 % (Est. 3.8 %)
Std drinks1 per 330ml stubby
2.2 per 750ml longneck
0.9 per middy
1.3 per schooner

FermentablesGrain icon

NameAmountColour% of Grain
BEST Pale Ale (BESTMALZ)1.50 kg6.0 EBC81.08 %
Crystal, Light (Simpsons)0.15 kg104.0 EBC8.11 %
BEST Acidulated (BESTMALZ)0.20 kg6.0 EBC10.81 %
Total grain bill1.85 kg--

HopsHops icon

Cascade5.00 g40.0 minsBoil6.0%
Vic Secret9.00 g5.0 minsBoil2.6%
Cascade5.00 g5.0 minsBoil6.0%
Vic Secret20.00 g3 daysDry Hop2.6%
Cascade10.00 g0 daysDry Hop6.0%
Total hops49.00 g---

MiscMiscellaneous icon

Whirlfloc Tablet1.00 Items15.0 minsBoilFining

YeastYeast icon

US-05 - Safale AmericanDCL/FermentisAle76.5 %15.0 C - 23.9 C

NotesNotes icon

25/02/23 Brew day
26/02/23 Pitched yeast @ 21deg, spunding valve set to 10psi
28/02/23 dry hopped @1800