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Mian's Rauchbier v1SRM 20 coloured beer glass

BJCP StyleRauchbier - 6B
TypeAll Grain
ProfileAroma: Blend of smoke and malt, varying in balance and intensity. The beechwood smoke character can range from subtle to fairly strong, and can seem smoky, woody, or bacon-like. The malt character can be low to moderate, and be somewhat rich, toasty, or malty-sweet. The malt and smoke components are often inversely proportional (i.e., when smoke increases, malt decreases, and vice versa). Low floral or spicy hop aroma optional. Clean fermentation profile.

Appearance: Very clear, with a large, creamy, rich, tan- to cream-colored head. Deep amber to coppery-brown in color, often a little darker than the underlying Märzen style.

Flavor: Generally follows the aroma profile, with a blend of smoke and malt in varying balance and intensity, yet always mutually supportive. Märzen-like qualities should be evident, particularly a malty, toasty richness, but the beechwood smoke flavor can be low to high. The palate can be somewhat malty, rich, and sweet, yet the finish tends to be medium-dry to dry with the smoke character sometimes enhancing the dryness of the finish. The aftertaste can reflect both malt richness and smoke flavors, with a balanced presentation desirable. Moderate, balanced, hop bitterness. Can have up to a moderate hop flavor with spicy, floral, or herbal notes. Clean lager fermentation character.

The quality and character of the smoke is important; it should be cleanly smoky. At higher levels, the smoke can take on a ham- or bacon-like character, which is acceptable as long as it doesn’t veer into the greasy range. Harsh, bitter, burnt, acrid, charred, rubbery, sulfury, or creosote-like smoky-phenolic flavors are inappropriate.

Mouthfeel: Medium body. Medium to medium-high carbonation. Smooth lager character. Significant astringent, phenolic harshness is inappropriate.
Batch Size12.0 L
Mash66.7° for 60.0 min
Boil Time60.0 min
Efficiency78.0 %
IBU27.9 IBUs
OG1.045 SG (Est. 1.049 SG)
FG1.011 SG (Est. 1.011 SG)
ABV4.5 % (Est. 4.9 %)
Std drinks1.2 per 330ml stubby
2.7 per 750ml longneck
1 per middy
1.5 per schooner

FermentablesGrain icon

NameAmountColour% of Grain
Gladfield Manuka Smoked Malt1.00 kg4.0 EBC36.9 %
Gladfield Pilsner Malt1.00 kg3.7 EBC36.9 %
Crystal, Light (Simpsons)0.45 kg104.0 EBC16.61 %
Gladfield Sour Grapes Malt Acid0.20 kg6.0 EBC7.38 %
Midnight Wheat Malt (Briess)0.06 kg1083.5 EBC2.21 %
Total grain bill2.71 kg--

HopsHops icon

Magnum10.00 g60.0 minsBoil6.5%
Total hops10.00 g---

MiscMiscellaneous icon


YeastYeast icon

- - Nottingham YeastLallemandAle75.0 %16.7 C - 22.2 C

NotesNotes icon

9/7/23 Brew day
10/7/23 Pitched yeast @ 18deg, spunding valve set to 10psi
15/7/23 Bottled
-9 x 750ml Longnecks, 1 tsp sugar
-6 x 330ml stubbies, 1/2 tsp sugar