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Debacle v1SRM 3 coloured beer glass

BJCP StyleWitbier - 24A
TypeAll Grain
ProfileAroma: Moderate malty sweetness (often with light notes of honey and/or vanilla) with light, grainy, spicy wheat aromatics, often with a bit of tartness. Moderate perfumy coriander, often with a complex herbal, spicy, or peppery note in the background. Moderate zesty, citrusy-orangey fruitiness. A low spicy-herbal hop aroma is optional, but should never overpower the other characteristics. Vegetal, celery-like, or ham-like aromas are inappropriate. Spices should blend in with fruity, floral and sweet aromas and should not be overly strong. Appearance: Very pale straw to very light gold in color. The beer will be very cloudy from starch haze and/or yeast, which gives it a milky, whitish-yellow appearance. Dense, white, moussy head. Head retention should be quite good. Flavor: Pleasant malty-sweet grain flavor (often with a honey and/or vanilla character) and a zesty, orange-citrusy fruitiness. Refreshingly crisp with a dry, often tart, finish. Can have a low bready wheat flavor. Optionally has a very light lactic-tasting sourness. Herbal-spicy flavors, which may include coriander and other spices, are common should be subtle and balanced, not overpowering. A spicy-earthy hop flavor is low to none, and if noticeable, never gets in the way of the spices. Hop bitterness is low to medium-low, and doesn’t interfere with refreshing flavors of fruit and spice, nor does it persist into the finish. Bitterness from orange pith should not be present. Vegetal, celery-like, ham-like, or soapy flavors are inappropriate. Mouthfeel: Medium-light to medium body, often having a smoothness and light creaminess from unmalted wheat and the occasional oats. Despite body and creaminess, finishes dry and often a bit tart. Effervescent character from high carbonation. Refreshing, from carbonation, light acidity, and lack of bitterness in finish. No harshness or astringency from orange pith. Should not be overly dry and thin, nor should it be thick and heavy. Comments: The presence, character and degree of spicing and lactic sourness varies. Overly spiced and/or sour beers are not good examples of the style. Coriander of certain origins might give an inappropriate ham or celery character. The beer tends to be fragile and does not age well, so younger, fresher, properly handled examples are most desirable. Most examples seem to be approximately 5% ABV.
Batch Size12.0 L
Mash69.0° for 60.0 min
Boil Time60.0 min
Efficiency78.0 %
IBU18.0 IBUs
OG1.031 SG (Est. 1.043 SG)
FG1.010 SG (Est. 1.015 SG)
ABV2.7 % (Est. 3.6 %)
Std drinks0.7 per 330ml stubby
1.6 per 750ml longneck
0.6 per middy
0.9 per schooner

FermentablesGrain icon

NameAmountColour% of Grain
Gladfield Pilsner Malt1.00 kg3.8 EBC47.62 %
BEST Wheat Malt (BESTMALZ)0.75 kg4.8 EBC35.71 %
Oats, Flaked0.25 kg2.0 EBC11.9 %
Wheat, Flaked0.10 kg3.2 EBC4.76 %
Total grain bill2.1 kg--

HopsHops icon

Magnum5.00 g60.0 minsBoil5.3%
Saaz5.00 g30.0 minsBoil3.8%
Saaz5.00 g5.0 minsBoil3.8%
Total hops15.00 g---

MiscMiscellaneous icon

Coriander Seed15.00 g5.0 minsBoilSpice
Orange Peel, Bitter7.00 g5.0 minsBoilSpice

YeastYeast icon

WB-06 - Safbrew WheatDCL/FermentisWheat68.0 %15.0 C - 23.9 C

NotesNotes icon