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Beers <2019

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N/A20080101Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20080201Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20080301Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20090201Coopers Canadian Blonde1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20090301Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20090403Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20090509Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20090601Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20090801Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20090901Coopers Mexican Cerveza1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
100120100101Coopers Lager ¼ de-seeded birds eye chilli in 6 bottles1kg white sugarKit       18L20
N/A20100201Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20100301Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20100401Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20100501Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20100601Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20100701Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20100801Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20101101Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20110101Coopers Canadian Blonde1kg Brew Enhancer #1Kit       18LKegged
N/A20110201Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20110301Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20110401Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
N/A20110501Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit       18LKegged
120120120101Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit 201.0421.0114.1%  18L20
120220120401Coopers European Lager1kg Brew Enhancer #1Kit 161.0441.0104.5%  18L20
120320120801Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit 161.0401.0113.8%  18L20
130120130624Coopers Lager1kg Brew Enhancer #1Saflager S-23 141.0411.0104.1%  18L20
130220130901Coopers Dark Ale1kg Brew Enhancer #1Safale US-05 161.0431.0124.1%  18L20
130320131124Coopers Lager1kg Brew Enhancer #1Saflager S-23 171.0401.0103.9%?2013122119L21
140120140206Coopers Dark Ale1kg Brew Enhancer #1Safale US-05 141.0431.0114.2%  18L20
140220140606Coopers Lager1kg Brew Enhancer #1Saflager S-23 151.0421.0104.2%  18L20
140320141006Morgans Ginger Beer1kg white sugarKit     201410172014101819L24
140420141106Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit 201.0411.0113.9%  18L20
150120150206Coopers Dark Ale1kg white sugarKit 201.0401.0103.9%  18L20
150220150506Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit 171.0411.0123.8%  18L20
150320150706Coopers Lager1kg white sugarKit 151.0421.0104.2%  18L20
150420150902Coopers Lager ¼ de-seeded birds eye chilli in 6 bottles1kg Brewing SugarSaflager S-23 181.0441.0104.5%201510012015100421L26
160120160206Coopers Dark Ale1kg Brew Enhancer #2Safale US-05 211.0421.0123.9%  18L20
160220160507Coopers Dark Ale1kg Brew Enhancer #2Safale US-05 151.0421.0123.9%  18L20
160320160709Coopers Lager1kg Brew Enhancer #2Saflager S-23 151.0431.0114.2  18L20
160420160926Coopers Dark Ale1kg Brew Enhancer #1Safale US-05 171.0421.0114.1%  19L23
170120170312Coopers Dark Ale1kg Brew Enhancer #2Safale US-05 211.0421.0123.9%201703212017032219L23
170220170414Coopers Dark Ale Coopers Aus Pale AleNoneKit Kit25g EKG, steeped for 30mins211.0521.0145%201704212017042319L23
170320170717Coopers Lager500g white sugar 300g LDMESaflager S-2325g Saaz, steeped for 30mins161.0481.0124.7%201707222017072318L20
170420170919Coopers Dark Ale1kg Brew Enhancer #2Safale US-05 191.0421.0114.1%  18L20
180120180105Coopers Dark Ale1kg LDMESafale US-0525g EKG, steeped for 30mins181.0671.0127.2%  18L20
180220180418Coopers Mexican Cerveza1kg LDMESafale US-0515g Calypso (10min steep)171.0401.0103.9%  18L20
180320181001Coopers Lager1kg LDME 250g white sugarSaflager W-34/4012g German Perle 2016, dry hop for 5 days161.0651.0166.4%201810012018102119L25
1804201811141.5kg Briess Golden LME 1.5kg Briess Bavarian Wheat LME 150g Carapils (20min steep) Stone and Wood Pacific Ale Clone Recipe Instructions.pdf200g Dex 250g LDMEMangrove Jack LIberty Bell M3625g Galaxy (20min steep) 60g Galaxy dry hop for 48hrs191.0641.0205.8%201811142018112319L23.5